Cleaning & Maintenance

Vinyl Wallcoverings

We recommend cleaning vinyl wallcoverings using clear, warm water and mild soap along with a clean sponge. If cleaning the soiled areas with a damp sponge is insufficient, cleaning agents such as a laundry spot remover. Be sure to remove excess cleaning agents with a damp clean sponge. Please refrain from using bleach-based cleaning solutions, as these may cause the vinyl to lose it’s color & luster.

Faux Leather

For light stains, dilute liquid soap in warm water, applied with a clean sponge. For deeper stains, dilute an all-purpose cleaner in warm water, applied with a clean sponge. If steps 1 & 2 do not remove the stain, dilute household bleach in warm water, and apply with a clean sponge. Once complete, rinse with warm water and a clean sponge to remove the bleach remnants.

Natural Wallcoverings

Since these are handcrafted products, we don’t recommend the use of any moisture when cleaning, as these may damage the wallcoverings. To clean the surface of the wallcoverings, we recommend the surface to be lightly dusted or vacuumed.